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Listen up Idaho. I don’t mean to disturb your slumber but are our lives so good? They must be because no ones is interested in running for some state legislative positions. Idaho like most states keeps electing the same people. We probably can’t name most legislators but kind of recognize a name on a ballot and fill in the bubble. Our legislators become career jobs each session, each year, each election the same names and faces.

We hear the same slogans lower taxes, more local control and oh yeah less government on our backs. Does anyone discuss what happens each session? If these “leaders” are doing what they tell us each election, then they should be out of work by now. If a new face shows up to run the money flows to the incumbents making it difficult for a new voice to be heard. It isn’t like they’re selling hamburgers and the loudest voice wins, or maybe it is.

If someone has a message or a new idea that might help us, it doesn’t get heard, either too much noise or too little hearing. Sooo the same face returns to do the same thing and we forget about it for two years and complain the whole time.

How about some new faces with new ideas for us. Where are the candidates Republican or Democrat, right or left, liberal or conservative, pick your poison act like it matters, get involved. Give us some options. Maybe, just maybe things can be better in Idaho. Take a chance, offer yourself as a candidate. No one will hate you for trying and perhaps you win.