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This blog is an online news magazine focused onCoeur d’Alene and the Inland Northwest. Its goal is to highlight local community news, opinion, politics, art, and lifestyle.

Teuvo Orjala is the found or The Real Cd’A. He grew up at 307 S 19th St. The picture below is taken from his front yard long before that piece of land across the street was a fancy golf course. As much as anyone he has watched Coeur d’Alene transform into what it is today.


He grew up with parents who did a lot to help this community grow.

His Mother and Father brought food to Art on the Green, including the ice cream, came up with the idea of the south stage, and they still run the kids art area. They also started the Coeur d’Alene Marimba Band, which is still playing and has brought marimba music to many of our local schools.

His father has been a builder in Cd’A for 30+ years and you can’t walk many streets downtown without noticing his craftsmanship. His mother has been a colon hydrotherapist for 28+ years and helped heal and council countless people in our community into a healthier life.

These examples of giving back showed him that a life of service to your community is the greatest gifts you can ever hope to give.

Teuvo truly believes we are all storytellers. He wants this blog to be a place to tell the story of our local community and our region so it doesn’t become just a story of development and tourism.

If you’re interested in sharing a story please do.

Thank you,

The Real Cd’A Team.

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Teuvo was born and raised in Coeur d'Alene. His deep roots in this community give him a unique perspective on local culture and politics.

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