Author: Teuvo Orjala

Why I can’t support James Vandermaas for Congress

With 2018 in sight, many of us in Idaho, and nationally, are dying for political change at EVERY level. Decades of losing local races have left Democrats searching high and low for new leaders willing to run for state seats, the governorship, and the House (congressional) seat for District 1. I’m here with some bad news about one of the first Democratic candidates to announce. Candidate for Congress in District 1, James Vandermaas, has little chance to win this race to Washington. Of course, sharing this opinion is a little uncomfortable. James seems to be a good man. He...

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Luke Malek & Paul Amador Town Hall – A waste of time?

Last Saturday Luke Malek and Paul Amador hosted a town hall meeting at 15th St. fire station. They are Kootenai County’s state house representatives for district 4, seats A & B. This event was packed! People seemed to be interested in a variety of issues, but two stood out: health care and local liquor laws. The health care folks seemed to be from both parties with concerns about raising costs, and the Republicans plan to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). People interested in the liquor laws were present due to the Cellar downtown having to close its doors...

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New Young Leadership

Today the Idaho Democratic Club elected a president that can actually give us some hope! The youngest president in its history. Shem Hanks is a local young leader who is very passionate and active in our community and politics. Every Friday the club has a lunch meeting at the Iron Horse in downtown Cd’A at noon. They feature speakers, organize, and socialize over lunch. As a few people brought up today, this was a room 95% full of people over 55. There is definitely a lack of young faces. This is possibly somewhat due to the time of the...

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Up North Distillery

Teuvo Orjala Author/Photographer The Inland Northwest sure is growing isn’t it?! We all see it, and we all have different opinions about it. One of the positives of the growth, in my opinion, is as the population grows so does the potential for new businesses to emerge and succeed. This blog’s mission is to help you discover these new locally owned and operated ventures with a hope I might inspire you to see their value to our community. Up North Distillery is one of these businesses. A vision of two couples who have put their heart and soul into...

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Midtown Bluebird

Teuvo Orjala If there’s one thing Coeur d’Alene’s always in need of its more good restaurants! Let’s be honest… Cd’A can be a bit of a food desert for those of us who appreciate true culinary creativity. Ya I know we’re in Idaho, it’s small, whatever whatever. Think about Sandpoint or even Nelson, BC? Half or a quarter the size of Cd’A with a lot more great restaurants. It’s the people who must demand quality and support it when it arrives! We have a few standard bearers like Moon Time, Angelo’s Ristorante, and Syringa. I’m excited to announce we can add...

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