November 2017

Republican-led counties and states have been facing uproar from Democratic constituents all across the USA since the election of Donald Trump, and it’s given politicians and newspapers alike a lot to scramble and cover. Since the massive national protests and the well-covered police escort of

Idaho Republican Party Leaders are Living in an Alternate Reality  ~ 11 minute read ~ There are moments in life where you realize that the person or people with whom you are interacting have established so many alternative facts in their head that they now live in an alternate

An Open Letter to Idaho Representatives Raúl Labrador, Mike Crapo, and James E Risch.   Shortly after my husband, Sergeant Greg Moore, was killed in 2015, our daughter and I lost his amazing health insurance through the city. Because Greg's murder was a "qualifying event," we could have continued

Today the Idaho Democratic Club elected a president that can actually give us some hope! The youngest president in its history. Shem Hanks is a local young leader who is very passionate and active in our community and politics. Every Friday the club has a lunch