July 2016

If there's one thing Coeur d’Alene's always in need of its more good restaurants! Let’s be honest… Cd’A can be a bit of a food desert for those of us who appreciate true culinary creativity. Ya I know we're in Idaho, it's small, whatever whatever. Think about Sandpoint

Many of us living in Coeur d'Alene have often wished we had more food options similar to home cooking. Small owner operated cafes offering creative, healthy, and convenient options. We do have a few; like Cafe Carambola (actually Soul Cafes neighbor), and The Garnet Café,

If you haven't been south of I90 on Spokane St in Post Falls, in the last six months, you're in for a surprise. Post Falls got a new brewery! A few locals; Dan Stokes, Alex Sylvain, and Steve Cervi-Skinner collaborated to add another local craft beer choice to the