If you haven’t been south of I90 on Spokane St in Post Falls, in the last six months, you’re in for a surprise. Post Falls got a new brewery!

A few locals; Dan Stokes, Alex Sylvain, and Steve Cervi-Skinner collaborated to add another local craft beer choice to the area. Following the recent trend in our area of new breweries like Daft BadgerDowndraft Brewing Co, Slate Creek and others.

Long ago, in a magical time, I was an avid regular at the Coeur d’Alene brewery. But as we all know, about eight years ago, it met its untimely demise due to the steady gentrification of downtown Cd’A. Ultimately being pushed out, with Java to follow, making way for the new tourist trap like establishments reshaping our downtown.

I LOVED the Cd’A Brew Pub! More than just their beer, which was great, it felt like a small business that belonged to the community. You could often have a beer with the management, chat with the chief when he was slow, and it was always welcoming to young people and families alike. Losing the Brew Pub was a great loss for the organic feel of downtown.

All this aside I was anxious to see what the feel of this new Post Falls Brewery would be.


So Sunday, I visited the Post Falls Brewery to give it a try with high hopes it would have some of that important local flavor. And actually I had tried to go there on its grand opening Friday, and even Saturday, but it was packed out the door! And since I wanted to get a more mellow feel for the place I waited till Sunday afternoon to return, and I was not disappointed!

I sat at the bar and ordered a flight of 5 of their beers. Starting with the Coffee Infused Catalyst Pale Ale, to the Stoney MacGuyver IPA, I was impressed. Smooth but complex flavors with the drinkability you want from your local watering hole.

The ambiance is also very nice. Big open windows (actually garage doors that open), nice wood bar tops, televisions (but not too many), and lots of locals ready to have a chat. Because of the open floor plan you really know you’re in a brewery. You can just about see every aspect of the brew process right from your bar stool.


It wasn’t in my plan to try and hunt down one of the owners, to get a tour, but Dan Stokes came right up to me and introduced himself. We got to talking and he gave me a tour of their brew facility and told me the story of how they came to be. Brewing from home as a passion until one day they decided to give it everything they could to realize their dreams of  sharing their craft with the community.

During the tour I also meet Alex Sylvain and really got a feel for how genuine these guys are. Really accomplishing something amazing and seeming to have no ego about it. Both talking to me at length about their passion for beer and their future plans for brewing.

Just as the Cd’A Brew Pub they also have a mug club that is pretty cool. You pay about a $100 a year, get discounts every time you fill, have special parties for members only, and are part of picking what they brew next! Wow! They said they are only doing a 100 spots and 50 or so are already taken, so if that sounds cool to you get in your car right now and come back and finish reading this article later!


All and all I was very impressed. It’s true we have SO many choices for beer these days. And thank God for that! But what I have missed since we lost the Coeur d’Alene Brew Pub is a quality local brewery, in a great location, where there is always new beer coming on the menu. If you want your double, triple, super duper hoppy, this and that, you can go to the store for that beer. But now if you want local, creative, quality, now you can sit down on the corner of Spokane and 1st, look out at the Spokane river, and enjoy some top notch local flavor.

Two thumbs up for the Post Falls Brewery!



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Teuvo was born and raised in Coeur d'Alene. His deep roots in this community give him a unique perspective on local culture and politics.

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