If there’s one thing Coeur d’Alene’s always in need of its more good restaurants!

Let’s be honest… Cd’A can be a bit of a food desert for those of us who appreciate true culinary creativity. Ya I know we’re in Idaho, it’s small, whatever whatever.

Think about Sandpoint or even Nelson, BC? Half or a quarter the size of Cd’A with a lot more great restaurants. It’s the people who must demand quality and support it when it arrives!

Midtown Bluebird

Owner and chef Viljo Basso | Photograph by Teuvo Orjala

We have a few standard bearers like Moon Time, Angelo’s Ristorante, and Syringa. I’m excited to announce we can add to the list the Midtown Bluebird! Another locally owned and operated restaurant looking to provide a new kind of dining experience in Coeur d’Alene. I’m going to be bold and say that the Bluebird is a bit of a game changer. Setting the bar for what we should expect, in our local restaurant scene, to a new height.

Located in midtown on 4th st. the Bluebird features 11 tables and is self-described as serving northwest bistro fare by its owners Autumn and Viljo Basso. This is the same talented couple who own and operate Coeur d’Alenes favorite sushi spot Syringa! So of course, we should be excited!

Autumn and Viljo say they have spent the last decade dialing in Syringa and were ready to keep growing their love for food and service. “We really care about the experience” says Autumn. “When we go out to eat, we look for things we love”.

Midtown Bluebird is like no other restaurant in Cd’A let’s get that clear.

Photographs by Teuvo Orjala

The Bluebird has nice outdoor tables and the ambiance inside is classy and rustic. It oozes a feel of local heart and soul

Though the Bluebird is a place for incredible food they also have a handpicked wine selection and an impressive array of local beer. With variety like $2 Rainer to $20 O’dell Sour and everything in between.

Ok, so what’s on the menu? Well, foodies you should be excited! The food here is nothing short of amazing.

The Idaho State Bird is the Mountain bluebird

Maybe start dinner with some delicious oysters ($2 each) or the Peas and Carrots ($7) roasted with hazelnuts and drizzled with sambal sauce. I tried these my first time and was blown away.

Want something light? I don’t think anywhere else in town you’ll find a radicchio, pea shoot, pork belly, apricot, parmesan, honey miso salad!

For dinner, try the Wild Caught Pacific Halibut (currently the most popular dish) with parmesan and ratatouille.

I personally tried the Fried Chicken with honey miso glaze and pickles. Loved it.

Like to finish with something sweet? Try their Doughnuts and Jam with a mascarpone, chocolate hazelnut spread.

Truth is I really can’t say enough about this place. It’s really a dream come true. Great atmosphere, incredible service, wonderfully creative food, and most importantly owned and operated by people motivated by a passion for food and a love of service. It’s as close to perfection as it comes for me.

See you there.

P.S. Viljo says the menu is going to continue to evolve so look for new items coming soon!


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Teuvo was born and raised in Coeur d'Alene. His deep roots in this community give him a unique perspective on local culture and politics.

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  • I’m excited to check it out and happy for the owners. But I believe we have several other great dining establishments like Angelo’s Ristorante, The Bistro on Spruce, Michael D’s Eatery, 315 Martinis and Tapas at the Greenbriar Inn, Capone’s, Fire (just to name a few) and, although a bit pricier; Cedar’s and Tony’s. And how about Carambola and Soul Cafe. And while Anthony’s may be good, it’s not homegrown like the others I mentioned. Just sayin. I am glad he mentioned Moon Time and Syringa as they are both local favorites too. I love Coeur d Alene and ALL it offers including some great restaurants, several unique coffee shops and even our own tea house (Gaiwan on 4th). I look forward to checking out the Bluebird 🙂